This waiting to ovulate business is hard!

I have no idea if I will ovulate. I have no idea if I did before the Pill. I know that my periods were seriously screwy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I didn’t ovulate at all. So, I guess I have to wait and see. I have those wonderful sticks to pee on starting sometime around Thursday, to see if they show any LH surge. I bought a box of seven, but maybe I should’ve bought two boxes!

I also, rather optimistically, bought a two pack of pregnancy tests. We all know I love peeing on those sticks, and now I’ll actually have reason to hope I am pregnant… that will be exciting! Seriously, if there were Oscars for peeing on sticks, I’d win one. Speaking of which, I touched an Emmy once. But that’s another story.

So… if I ovulate in a reasonable time frame, it should happen next week, in time for my birthday. If it takes longer, who knows? I guess we’ll just have to do lots of, as they call it, “ dancing” to be on the safe side. Not that I’ll complain about that… I just don’t want it to become a robotic sort of thing, ya know?

In other news, the house hunt has ended for now. Our dumb landlord decided to not even respond to our request to be let out of our lease earlier, so we bowed out of the contract on the house we loved. We’ll find another house that we love, I’m sure… and maybe that one will even have a garage. I realized we store a LOT in our garage now and losing that space would suck.

Did ya’ll see Hilly’s Valentine’s Day self-love post? I think it’s a fab idea, so I’ll be participating tomorrow!

Now I just have to make myself wait to pee on sticks until Thursday. It shouldn’t be so hard, ya know?

My Valentine’s Day gift…

Last night my husband gave me my VDay gift… he took my new pack of birth control pills, and he threw them away. He said, let’s see what happens.

It wasn’t quite that simple, but that was the end result. We talked about it for a few minutes, and that was how we left things. Well… then we went to bed.